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Rio (2011)

“Rio” is an animation film directed by Carlos Saldanha. It is colourful and beautifully made with lots of exotic animals (mainly birds) and music. The story mainly takes place in Rio, and Rio, of course, cannot be depicted without Carnival and Christ the Redeemer. I loved the colours and animation itself, but the story left no impression on me. It was not special or interesting. It was just a story among many stories.

A small, male blue macaw is found and adopted by child Linda Gunderson. 15 years later both Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and Linda (Leslie Mann) are grown-ups living in Moose Lake, Minnesota. The other birds ridicule Blu, because he is a pet and cannot fly. They are visited by ornithologist, Túlio Monteiro (Rodrigo Santoro) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who claims that Blu is the last male of his species. He wants to take him to Brazil to mate female macaw.

Though hesitant, Linda agrees and they are flown to Rio. There, Blu meets different birds, and more importantly he meets Jewel (Anne Hathaway), female macaw. But they both get kidnapped by a group of smugglers and this is how their adventure begins.

The story is quite predictable. When it is revealed that Blu cannot fly, it is absolutely clear that in the end at a very crucial moment he suddenly and magically will be able to fly. Or it is predictable from the very start that the story will have a happy ending and macaws will fall in love with each other. So as I said there is nothing special about the story.

“Rio” is a good watch for children, but not for the adults. Still if you are a family person, you might like to watch it with your children, because children will add a colour to the film.

Reviewer’s rating: 6.5 out of 10