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Oldboy (2003)

It is a South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook based on Japanese manga. I love films like “Sin city”, “V for Vendetta” based on graphic novels, comics and manga and I loved this one too for its format. But it is important to acknowledge that this film is weird, unusual and a little bit sick.

The story turns around Oh Dae-su, Korean businessmen, who is kidnapped and locked in a room without explanation for 15 years. He has a TV in his room. While watching it he finds out that his wife is killed and his little daughter is sent for adoption. In these first scenes we pity Oh Dae-su and want him out in order to revenge for his life that was taken from him.

After he is set free he meets young chef Mi-do in restaurant. He falls unconscious and Mi-do brings him to her home. She helps him to find the place he was kept captive. Later, we find out that Oh Dae-su’s captor is a man named Woo-jin who attended the same school with Oh Dae-su.

Oh Dae-su remembers Woo-jin and his sister. At school after witnessing their incestuous interaction through the hole in the window, Oh Dae-su inadvertently started rumors about Woo-jin’s sister and transferred to another school. Because of rumours and visible signs of pregnancy, she committed suicide.

Here, we look at the story from the opposite side. We see a brother and a lover suffering and mourning for sister and lover. The role and emotions are perfectly delivered by the actor. His feelings seem so real that you almost forget how sick his relationship and revenge actually are. When at last Oh Dae-su confronts Woo-jin, the story gets even sicker.

It is definitely not a family film and it is difficult to advise whether to watch it or not. You should decide for yourself.

Reviewer’s rating: 7.5 out of 10